Birthdays &


Reminding Customers about a gift of jewelry for Birthdays and Anniversaries for only $.57 each


The two biggest reasons why consumers buy jewelry are birthdays and anniversaries.


Sending a customer a FB post or email to celebrate an upcoming event is not all the special or personal.


Porte Marketing can automate a personalized direct mail postcard for only $.57 each and this includes 1st class postage. If you want a reminder email we can do that too!


We offer the same ease of customer list export as The Edge and your customer names are password protected and secure!

Automated Customer Birthday
& Anniversary Program

You upload your customer list to our secure site. No one has access to your customer list except you.  We also sign an agreement that guarantees that your list is fully protected.  Your account will show every piece that has been mailed and you can change the offer(s) or artwork any time you want.


There are no commitments or contracts forcing you to do a certain amount each month or during the year.


The whole process is easy, painless and only takes about 30 minutes, and you can set up your entire bday and anniversary campaign for a month or for the whole year.


The computer scans your customer excel list for the birthday and

anniversary columns.  All you do is tell us how many days before the event you want it to go out and the rest is automatically done for you even if it is one postcard or email.  Set it and Forget it!


You can add new customers or update birthday and annivesary info any time you want.


You  can use our pre-designed templates or we can custom design a postcard for you, or you can supply your own artwork.


Your list is automatically cleansed to reduce undeliverable mail and you will receive a list of bad addresses so that you can update yourcustomer list.