Six ways to increase bridal sales and acquire new bridal customers


After you sell a millennial bridal consumer an engagement ring, wedding band or both, chances are you won't be selling the couple any big ticket items for the foreseeable future.


Unless  of course, they have a wealthy family, inherit money, receive a dowry, land a great job or are on the fast track to earning big bucks?


It's simple, their future will be laden with: Paying off the ring they bought on credit, college tuition, saving money to buy a house, having children and rising health insurance premiums. Thus, not a lot left over to buy more jewelry!


The biggest benefit your new millennial bridal customer can provide you is that they tell all their friends about your store.




I. Incentivizing customers to tell their friends about their bridal purchase from your store


After the sale, Gene De Robertis, owner of De Robertis Jewelers in West Hartford, gives the buyer or couple a Thank You receipt holder that includes (3) $75 gift cards to hand out to friends of the engaged couple, who probably will soon be looking for an engagement ring in the not-to-distant future.  Each time a new customer comes to use their $75 gift certificate, the referring couple will also receive a $75 credit, that can easily add up to $225 to spend on jewelry.



II.  Getting customers to post testimonials


Let customers know that if they enjoyed their buying experience that you would be thrilled if they would do an online testimonial. A little encouragement and reminder never hurts!


In an effort, to make it easy, you can have some instructions printed on a receipt holder folder so that they can do an online testimonial on Google+


III.  Getting Bridal customer to come back into store


Statistics show that 56% of the customers that buy an engagement ring do not come back to the same store to buy their wedding bands



III.  Getting Bridal customer to come back into store


Statistics show that 56% of the customers that buy an engagement ring do not come back to the same store to buy their wedding bands



IV.  In store bridal booklets that brand your store


Let Porte Marketing create your very own bridal booklet that communicates why customers should buy from you.


We can customize printed booklets and/or digital flipbooks.


Booklets or catalogs can also include the programs you offer like:




V. Increasing the sale of wedding bands


Partner with local businesses that touch the bride.  Maybe you missed the diamond engagement ring sale, but now is your chance to have a third party give out your booklet with a special offer to come to your store.




  1. Ladies wedding gown shops (David Bridal, etc)
  2. Limo companies,
  3. DJ's
  4. Florists
  5. Photographers
  6. Caterers
  7. Country clubs
  8. Specialty wedding cake store
  9. Men's tuxedo and rental stores


Booklets can also include special discounts from a Limo company, catering hall, photographer, wedding cake store, florist, etc.





VI.  Creating a buying experience


Mark the moment.  Mail a keepsake memento to the bride-to-be's office to gain organic and viral word-of-mouth, or mail to the bride-to-be's home or give it out at the end of the sale.


This spectacular and heart-felt keepsake can include a photo of the ring that was purchased and there is a special area to write in the

date and time the ring was purchased.  Mark the moment!


Romance the sale with our Keepsake Memento:


  1. You can either insert a photo of the ring they bought in the heart-shaped photomount or you can take a photo of the couple buying that special ring.
  2. Porte Marketing can customize your 'special offer' certificate in the middle panel
  3. Right panel includes:  double-heart pendant/pin with one side in blue enamel to be worn on her wedding day in keeping with the tradition of 'Something old-Something new- Something borrowed- Something BLUE!  (Includes gorgeous satin box)



VII. After-the-sale engagement ring



3-6 months after the engagement ring purchase, Porte Marketing

can create an automated or manual engagement ring follow up for a diamond ring checkup!





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