The Bridal Market

Six ways to increase bridal sales and acquire new bridal customers


After you sell a millennial bridal consumer an engagement ring, wedding band or both, chances are you won't be selling the couple any big ticket items for the foreseeable future.


Unless  of course, they have a wealthy family, inherit money, receive a dowry, land a great job or are on the fast track to earning big bucks?


It's simple, their future will be laden with: Paying off the ring they bought on credit, college tuition, saving money to buy a house, having children and rising health insurance premiums. Thus, not a lot left over to buy more jewelry!


The biggest benefit your new millennial bridal customer can provide you is that they tell all their friends about your store.


I. Incentivizing customers to tell their friends about their bridal purchase from your store


After the sale, Gene De Robertis, owner of De Robertis Jewelers in West Hartford, gives the buyer or couple a Thank You receipt holder that includes (3) $75 gift cards to hand out to friends of the engaged couple, who probably will soon be looking for an engagement ring in the not-to-distant future.  Each time a new customer comes to use their $75 gift certificate, the referring couple will also receive a $75 credit, that can easily add up to $225 to spend... Read more

To Read "The Bridal Marketing Program" click here

To Read "The Bridal Marketing Program" click here