Custom Design

Jewelers turn Inherited Consumer Jewelry into Custom Jewelry Design Sales

Billions of dollars of inherited jewelry will fall into the hands of consumers over the next few years.  Some families will wish to sell it, some will wear it and many will want to transform it into a new piece but might wish to maintain the sentimental aspects by using the gold, diamonds and colored stones as part of a new piece.

Promoting your restyling, trade-in and custom jewelry services require more than a tab on the nav bar on your website homepage.

You need to proactively promote this important, growing and profitable category since it is one of the few areas that can help separate you from the competition.

Here are some ideas...

Let customers and prospects know how easy and affordable it is to turn photos, illustrations, inherited jewelry and ideas into new unique and loved treasures.

Use their old gold & diamonds to
create a new cherished heirloom

Postcard below combines three services you offer in one  6" x 11" postcard:Jewelry Makeover, Repairs and that you buy jewelry!

Showcase your talents with our popular booklets

Print sizes: 4" x 6" booklet or a 5.25" x 10.5" brochure.