How the Affluent Program Works

Look at the jewelry in your showcases.  In December, how many people that enter your store will be able to plop down $3000,  $5,000, $10,000 or $50,000+ on a piece of jewelry?

How many prospects and/or customers will spend valuable time with your sales associates in selecting a piece of jewelry and when you run sale through your finance company the SALE IS DECLINED?

The reason many jewelers are selling lower priced merchandise today is because the middle class has less money to spend!

I believe our new 'Affluent Jewelry Program' offers a low-cost and highly targeted approach to acquiring new customers in your trade area that have the money and disposable income to buy higher-priced jewelry.


I. Target People Who Have Money

Porte Marketing will provide a demographic study/report based on a radius around your store's address or you can provide us with specific zip codes. We can increase/decrease radius around your store or target specific zip codes using affluent filters like HH Income, Net Worth, Professions, etc.

We can target households earning $250,000 or more a year and we can also request that these households have a $1,000,000 or $2,000,000 net worth.

 If your store's demographics do not warrant the above income levels, we can lower the household income filter to reflect what is appropriate for your area.  In the way, we will target the best wage earners in and around your store's location.


II. Create an offer & presentation
they can't refuse!

Buying marketing share!  Yes, you can always get a few new female customers into your store by showing some new jewelry piece that creates a 'must have' desire no matter what the cost via Pinterest Instagram or your FB.  But if you want to target a group of affluent consumers in your trade area you need to tempt them with an offer that makes them ponder your 'hard to believe offer.'

Note: Once you get the new customer into your store then it will be up to you to cultivate and nurture them so they become life-long clients.

Our new 'Shock and Awe' offer:

 I don't know if your store has this confidence but some jewelers tell me that once they get a qualified prospect into their store they are going to sell them!

We created an offer that some might find hard to believe, but since most people are looking for a deal, here's a deal of a lifetime. Further, if you want more doctors as customers, this will surely help, since most jewelers say they are cheap!

$1000 towards any in-store jewelry item of $2,000, $500 gift certificate over $1000.

(Yes, you can exclude loose diamonds
and Rolex, etc.)

The gift card is non-transferable and we will show you how to prevent any re-gifting.

Porte Marketing offers either a 4" x 6" folded self mailer or a 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" mailer.

Porte Marketing will customize for your store with any jewelry you wish to show, background colors, verbiage, etc.

We will customize the folded card and mail it to your affluent customer list that we will provide.

Note: We can print your gift card offer as part of the panel or we can provide a separate thick gift card and affix it to the panel with a glue dot.


II.  Self Mailer Extra Large size: 
Folds to 5.5" x 8.5"

You can use one of the panels to inform new 'Affluent Prospects' what makes your store unique.  Perhaps you have a 5-star rating with YELP, then let them know about it!

You could also give the affluent prospect an idea of what they could buy for $2,000- $3,000 and the great deal they will be getting when they apply their $1,000 gift card amount.

Obviously, the goal is to sell the new customer a piece of jewelry that greatly surpasses the minimum purchase.